Sztalinvaros – Dunaujvaros (Home) Review

Next up was a home tie with Dunaujvaros (Danube New Town).  In a previous life, it was known as Sztalinvaros (Stalin Town).  The people of the town should work harder in the future to come up with a decent town name.

Dunaujvaros is a fascinating place for all you people who love new towns and love Communist infrastructure projects.  I am hugely looking forward to travelling there in the Spring.  In fact, it might possibly be the away that I am most looking forward to so I won’t write anything else about the town and save myself for early next year, but I will give you this little film teaser.


The game involved a Saturday evening trip out to Kispest and in all honesty was probably one of the games that had not really caught my interest.  Dunaujvaros were promoted the previous season, but were struggling in the top flight.  This was partially due to the ongoing refurbishment of their home stadium, which had meant that something like eight out of their first ten games would be played away from home (and their home games being played in Szekesfehervar).

It seemed that the travelling had taken its toll on the team’s away support who despite the thirty minute drive into Budapest only numbered six in total.  Or perhaps they were distracted by he particularly delightful craft beer festival along Budapest’s main boulevard, which included a bus painted in Bayern colours (no idea how this is an attraction).


MTK did their thing again and apart from a first half long range effort crashing against the post, Dunaujvaros gave very little.  MTK controlled possession with Poloskei Zsolt (first mention of the season!!) finding room in the box after a 720 degree Kanta turn to slide the ball past the keeper.  Kanta slots home a second half penalty (four of his five league goals now coming from dead ball situations) to win the game.


Most importantly, the game saw the return from long-term injury of Torghelle Sandor.  To be honest, it looked like he was still some way from match fitness as he struggled to make any sort of impact on the game.

 500 fans.  I wonder how many will be left at the end of the season.  However, our return to the craft beer festival in MTK colours (a bit risky) provoked a surprisingly large show of support.  Well at least three people dared whisper ketto-nulla (2-0).  How many MTK fans are in the woodwork I wonder?


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