Onwards and upwards…

It is so difficult not to turn every post title into a song title.  (FYI – This one would have been Teaser’s Are Good.)

So now I am fully up-to-date and churned out enough travelogues and half-arsed match reports that I doubt anyone in their right mind will have continued reading, but this is what I have planned for the future in addition to the usual:

 ·         Who are MTK? – I have been dropping the players’ names in as we go but let’s take a look at the team and how they line-up, including;

   o   THORghelle – MTK’s battering ram

   o   Kanta Klaus – He just keeps giving

·         The Fan Card – MLSZ’s lone mission to destroy football attendances in Hungary;

·         The Jewish Link – Mentioned at in the Fradi match write-up, but I would like to take this further;

·         Jimmy Hogan – Mastermind tactician of the 1920s and father figure of the Mighty Magyars of the 1950s;

·         Hidegkuti Nandor – He has a stadium named after him (who doesn’t?), but who was he;

·         The National Team – Where are the MTK players?

·         Magyar Kupa and Liga Kupa – MTK’s progress to date

·         Wizz Air Stadium – What is going on?  When are we going back?

·         Tribute to Karoly Sandor;

·         What happened to Liverpool and Oldham and the history of Hungarian clubs as feeder clubs?

·         What the hell does Bacsi mean?

·         Fejes Andras, Eppel Marton and Frank Richard updates.

·         In pursuit of Tibor.

 Next up for MTK – a return to Felcsut, but will I be going…….?

ps.  Any suggestions for what you would like to read, please let me know.


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