Didi Vidi? No. – Videoton (Away) Review

Missed the game due to a wedding: the groom happens to be a Videoton fan.  Vidi won 5-0, which seemed like a fitting wedding present.  By all accounts, it could have been more.  I guess I will just have to wait until 2015/16 to visit Szekesfehervar although the Sostoi Stadium (Soviet bowl (small)) will no longer be the host (probably means a trip to Felcsút again).

 After 1/6 of the season, MTK’s record reads P 5 W 3 L 2 F 7 A 8 Pts 9 and they sit in fifth position.  Solid if not spectacular.

Me and Fejes Andras have had a falling out though.  As you can see from this photo, we were friends.  Good friends.


He was quoted in Nemzeti Sport suggesting MTK were no match for Vidi.  Maybe they were until you left us.  Let’s hope revenge will be sweet.  Fejes, you have now joined Eppel and Frank on my list.


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