Am I real fan now?

At the age of 31, I finally purchase my first ever season ticket.  I also get to revisit the Hidegkuti Nandor Stadion (which it turns out has not been demolished at all) to buy said season ticket.


There is not much remarkable to say other than the transaction took place in the adjacent office to Garami Jozsef’s (the manager) who popped in to thank me for buying the ticket.  Then, lo and behold Kanta Jozsef turns up and says hello and shakes my hand.  Unfortunately, my Hungarian was unable to congratulate him on his expertly struck freekicks and the incoherent mumbling from my mouth could have been construed as Smurf so I am not sure that he likes me.

 HUF 10,000 (EUR 32) for an entire season’s worth of games.  You would probably pay that in the UK for the privilege of talking to the manager and/or captain alone.

 I like this club.

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