Hello, Goodbye…

So it starts at the end (or at least for the purposes of this twisted narrative).  The Hidegkuti Nandor Stadium final hurrah.  I felt like an extra guest.  Turning up at someone’s wedding because I was chatting to the reluctant groom at the bar in the early hours of his big day.  Anyway here I was. I had been going to watch MTK for the best part of a season and seen them shake of the perils of a relegation battle with some imperious league form and the signing of two ex-Hungarian internationals.  But the 2013-14 was drawing to a close and with it the life of the home of MTK, which had opened its doors in 1947.  I felt young. MTK in their wisdom offered free tickets for the game which drew a less than spectacular 4,000 people or so.  The game itself was pretty dull with MTK lulling in mid-table and the opponents, the less than illustrious and already relegated Kaposvari Rakoczi with MTK securing a 2-1 thanks to a brace from 20 year old Barnabás Bese. Three very important things happened to me on this day aside from the football: DSC_0073

I met this man (let’s call him Tibor) via some Dutch courage and my helpful finacee.  He has been going to games for sixty years and remembers seeing the great Hidegkuti (and the other MTK aranycsapat) playing in the flesh.  When questioned whether he would miss the stadium, he replied “No. It is sh’t.”  Fair enough, I suppose. Blew my sentimentality out of the water though. DSC_0084

I met club captain and all round good guy and undercapped hero, Kanta Joszef.  (He is the one on the right!)  The other guy is fellow new MTK fan (and Real Madrid and Juventus fan): he may get his own post later on.  Kanta hates smurfs.  Irrationaly so… DSC_0128

I stole a sign. I know I am a thief, but is it not the done thing when a stadium closes down? So this is hello to the blog (I am a few months behind so be patient (he said talking to himself)) and goodbye (for now) to the Hidegkuti Nandor Stadion with a quick note that arguably the stadium’s greatest ever game featured Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, Pele , Bobby Moore, Ossie Ardilles and Mike Summerbee defeating some evil Germans 4-4 (always a victory for a Spurs fan). Escape_to_Victory_35335_Medium


Beating Nazis seems to be more wildly celebrated than beating Kaposvar.


Next – A fleet of white elephants…


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